1. Introduction of school

a. Historical background:

     Tamghas is a beautiful village rapidly developing into a town. It is located on the lap of Resunga hill which is famous for its religious, historical and natural importance. The people of this area were not educated. The people of this area were busy in agriculture. Some people who were aware and able to invest in education used to go to the educational institutions of the country or out of the country for their study. The people of the ethnic group used to give first priority to join in Indian or British army. Others used to involve themselves in agricultural activities. There were no schools nearby so who went to school, used to be found to be playing on the way instead of going to school. None was there to think over this issue with a sustainable solution.  In this context, Til Bahadur Thapa, an Indian Gorkha Army, during his holidays, started teaching those kids who used to play throughout the day gathering at his house. Some positive changes were seen on the children who were taught by him. People requested him to teach them regularly, but it was not possible as he was an Indian Gorkha Army and had to join his duty. So he made up his mind to serve in this sector after his retirement.

After his retirement in 1985, he gave continuity to his passion for teaching kids as a volunteer. The numbers of students increased. His house was not big enough to keep and teach all of them. So with the help of Mr. Bed Prasad Upadhayay Panthi, the chairperson of Resunga Secondary School, community people were able to start a branch of that school here in Tamghas Khanigaun. Mr. Uttam Raj Marasini came to the branch with the students of grade 1 and 2 of this locality. Mr. Til Bahadur Thapa was appointed as a volunteer. But due to the lack of school building, they were compelled to teach them in a public building called Bachat Ghar [ Grain Collection House]. Later on, Mrs. Dil Kumari Thapa donated a piece of land and present school building was built. And there the school was established with the name "Siddhababa Primary School and Mr. Til  Bahadur Thapa were appointed as the founder principal in 1987 AD.  Since then, this school has never looked behind. It has been one of the best community schools not only in the district but also in the whole country. It was possible because of the tireless effort and vision of the founder Mr. Till Bahadur Thapa and other members of the community.  At present this school has been providing quality education to the students of Gulmi, Arghakhanchi. Despite the problem of spacious playground and transportation, this school is marching ahead with the reforms and strong determination.


b.Geographical location:

    Gulmi district, one of the twelve districts of Province NO.5 of Nepal, is located at 280c 4' northern latitude and 83015' eastern longitude and at the height of 1838 meter from sea level. It covers an area of 1149 square Km. Tamghas is the headquarter of Gulmi district. Now, It is Resunga Municipality. It is expanded to Dubichaur in the east, to Nayagaun in the west, to Paralmi in the north and to Simichaur to the south. Siddhababa Secondary school is located in ward no. 8 of Resunga Municipality which consists of 14 wards.

       c. Relation of community and school:

  Siddhababa, since its establishment is determined to fulfill the needs of people of a community with quality education at a low cost.  Therefore there is flesh- blood relationship between school and community. Without the support of the community, this school could not come to this stage. This school was established with the help of the community. It has been addressing the needs of the community. People of different castes,  economic group, culture, religions have been helping and supporting with love and affection. This school with the help of community has been providing a child-friendly and modern education for all students not only of its community but also to the children of neighboring districts too.

d. School Catchment Area:

 Determining the catchment area of a school is serious matter itself. The students of Siddhababa Secondary  School come from almost all the rural municipalities of the districts.  Mostly we have the students from almost all the wards of the municipality such as Arkhale, Neta, Bhuwanpani, Urleni, Bhangari, Simichaur, Bhadgaun and neighboring ones. Therefore the aforementioned places are the catchment area of this school.

        e. Educational condition/ Situation:

 Siddhababa Secondary School which has been conducting different educational programs as a leading educational center in Tamghas, headquarter of Gulmi district. The educational programs conducted by this school in the present context are as follows.



 i. Child Development Education (ECD):

 This school has been conducting child development education since 2066. This education system helps the children to form and develop the habit of going to school. It helps children to be socialized. District education office has provided one ECD teacher to conduct the ECD program.

         ii. Basic Level Education:

This school has been providing education from grade Nursery to grade 12.  The education from Nursery to 8 is considered as the Basic Level Education. The classes of basic level from grade Nursery to 8 are fully being conducted in English medium. 746 students have been studying at this level. Leading Resource Center Examination is conducted by Leading Resource Center at the end of five class and Municipality  Level Examination is conducted at the end of grade 8. 

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